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This is a post from my family blog from about a year ago. I wanted to post it here for my farmer’s market friends.

At Home in Georgia

I had many frustrating bread-making sessions before I consistently got “good” bread.  It’s so much trial and error.  Everyone told me it just takes practice, but I wanted instant success.  I’ve been making bread for our family now for 4 years and feel like I have learned a lot of “secrets” for better bread.

Many people swear by vital wheat gluten.  I never found it to help my bread at all.  I mean, absolutely NO difference.  But, so many people have, that it must just depend on the recipe or kitchen environment.  I found that lecithin granules made a big difference in the texture, but only have used it for a few months.  The bread is fine without it, but FANTASTIC with it.  Here’s the recipe we almost always use around here….with notes to help.

2 cups warm water
2 cups flour (fresh-ground hard white wheat is my favorite!)
1 1/2…

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  1. Looks yummy! Of course, I’m Celiac so no bread for me! I do make it for my family though. I have a Whisper Mill Grain Mill and grind the grain fresh. Makes the best bread! Spelt is their favorite!

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